brain research Our hot topics this week include Brain Research, the effectiveness of Tamoxifen on breast cancer, the future of CROS, and a Top 50 list!

1.  Brain Research to Benefit from New Cell-marking Technique  Advanced brain research has led to a way of color marking brain cells, Scientists and researchers will be able to gain more knowledge on the brain and how it works.

2. Twenty-year Study Proves Tamoxifen Saves Lives  “After 20 years of follow-up, there is a clear benefit in terms of preventing breast cancer with this agent,” said the lead investigator on the IBIS-1 study, Jack Cuzick of Queen Mary University, London.

3.  CRO Outlook 2015: A Paperless Path to a Competitive Advantage  CROs which utilize more efficient applications, will have a prosperous 2015!

4.  Top 50 Pharmaceutical Companies 2014  Total Biopharma shows us the top 50 Pharmaceutical companies of 2014!