Personalized Cancer Vaccines

  Personalized Cancer Vaccines Although immunotherapy has been around since the late 1800’s with William Coley injecting tumors with live attenuated strains of Streptococcus pyogenes and Serratia marcescens, it went on the back burner as a treatment method due to fears of infecting immunocompromised individuals. It wasn’t until 1976 that immunotherapy once again became mainstream […]

E-Consent – Is It Worth the Convenience?

As a former site research coordinator, when I think about the process of informed consent, my mind immediately flashes back almost 15 years to a large room with me standing at the podium. As I finish reading the interminable document aloud, I ask in my perky, fresh-out-of-college voice, “Okay, any questions?” Twenty pairs of glazed […]

What’s The Risk? New article about tCSM by DZS to appear in International Clinical Trials journal

What’s The Risk?” – New article about tCSM by DZS to appear in International Clinical Trials journal Recently, Greg Ambra and Jean Battikha collaborated on an article that will be featured in this month’s International Clinical Trials titled, “What’s The Risk?”.  The article features a novel scientific approach to identifying clinical trial data risk for […]

DZS Supported Clinical Study of 5-ALA SFC in Middle East

DZS supported clinical study in Middle East recently published in the Journal of Diabetes Research DZS supported one of the first pharmaceutical sponsored clinical research studies entirely performed in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The study of 5-ALA SFC, sponsored by SBI Pharmaceuticals, was recently published in a local journal. This pilot trial studied the safety […]

DZS to feature ClinPlus 3.1 eClinical at SCDM 2016

      Join DZS at SCDM 2016 DZS and ClinPlus featuring ClinPlus® 3.1 eClinical Software DZS Clinical Services is proud to exhibit at SCDM 2016 to feature ClinPlus 3.1 eClinical software. ClinPlus 3.1 is a platform that combines electronic data capture, a clinical trial management system, a web randomization system, and eTMF functionality into a single, user-friendly platform. […]

2016 DZS Conference Schedule

We are very excited to introduce the new and improved ClinPlus eClinical 3.1 platform.  Stop by one of our booths listed below or contact us for a demo today! May 8-11, PharmaSUG Booth 21 – ClinPlus Report will be showcased at this year’s PharmaSUG to provide biostatisticians and programmers with a good understanding of this system’s unique ability […]