A New Smartwatch App, Trial Numbers & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

1. Novartis Smartwatch App Helps Visually Impaired Navigate Anywhere in the World  The ViaOpta smartwatch app from Novartis that was recently launched, helps those who are visually impaired to navigate around any neighborhood in the world! 2. One IS the Loneliest Number Which is better, one trial participant or zero?  This article proposes zero and offers a […]

Clinical Technologies, Social Media & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

Happy Birthday America!  Before you celebrate, enjoy this week’s hot topics! 1.  How Clinical Technologies and Health Advances are Disrupting Payers A great  Interview with Nathan Tinker, Executive Director at the New York Biotechnology Association about how clinical technologies in biopharmaceutical R&D and clinical research are impacting payers. 2.  House bill would force FDA to ease […]

Bubbles, Device Integration & More! What We’re Talking About This Week

  This week we are talking about bubbles, device integration, and a new ClinPlus clinical platform! 1. Bubble delivery can rescue failing drug candidates, says Oxford team University of Oxford scientists are saving undeliverable drugs by placing them in gas bubbles for better bioavailability and fewer side effects. 2. Advancing Clinical Research Through Device Integration This article […]