Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a fantastic start to 2014. We are excited to let you know that 2013 was one of our best years in the history of the company! While the past year was exciting, this year is truly special for DZS; 2014 will be our 30th year serving the life sciences industry.

We want to take a minute to reflect on the last 30 years as a company and the exceptionally bright and talented individuals in our organization. It is because of their hard work and innovation that we have remained a valued partner to our Sponsors for so long. We have completed over 600 software and services projects resulting in satisfied customers all over the world. We also have had the good fortune to be part of many significant milestones in the industry.

  • DZS was one of the first companies to support the development of PEGylated products.
  • DZS has been a key partner in bringing to market novel therapies for cancer, viral infections, blood pressure medications and other life-threatening diseases.
  • Globally, DZS has served to pioneer clinical research in novel geographic areas including countries in the Middle East.
  • DZS was first to produce commercially available SAS-based, user friendly, software applications for clinical data management and analysis.

It is precisely because of our experience and ability to truly partner with organizations that we have experienced significant expansion in both services and software offerings. We continue to build out our offerings and expertise including full Clinical Project Management and Monitoring. In addition, we have improved our CTMS with over 25 new enhancements including many new features building on a robust system already known for usability and cost-effectiveness. We plan to continue this trend in 2014 with more innovative solutions announced throughout the year.

We plan to celebrate all year and hope you will stop by at either PharmaSUG or DIA in June. Look for additional announcements regarding our services and software, but until then, you can find news and updates on our websites: and


Doron, Greg, and Bob