Clinical Research Regulations, What We’re Talking About This Week!

Hot Topics – July 20, 2016

This week, hot topics include clinical research regulations, attracting patients to clinical trials, and controlling pre-diabetes.

1.  Report: Congress needs to update human research regulations

Ethical principles for conducting research involving humans were originally detailed in 1978.  Today, a new report is urging Congress to make updates to the decades old document.

2.  Companies Try New Ways to Attract Patients to Drug Trials

Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with new ways to bring patients to clinical trials. Some of these include monitoring forums and hiring car services to taxi patients to and from clinics.

3. Moderate exercise might be more effective at combatting pre-diabetes

A recent 6 month study shows that moderate exercise, instead of a more vigorous exercise, may be more effective at controlling glucose in pre-diabetic individuals.


Image: voronin76 / 123RF Stock Photo