CTMS Market, What We’re Talking About This Week!


1.   Linking to health records will help drive CTMS market, says study

The CTMS market is planned to show significant growth over the next few years. R&D investment is one driver, but the integration of CTMS with hospital information systems (HIS) is another very significant factor.

2.   Clinical Trials in Israel: Why Big Pharma Should Take Notice

Could Israel close in on the US and Europe when it comes to clinical research? Their vibrant biopharma sector and large number of medical device patents is setting them up to be a real contender!

3.   Needle-free Zika vaccine shows promise in clinical trial

As part of its collaboration with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the DNA vaccine clinical trial for the Zika virus, PharmaJet is providing its Stratis Needle-Free device and training to the NIH.


Image: fkdkondmi