Its been an exciting week in our industry, we’ve narrowed our hot topics down to Ebola, Aspirin, and CROs.

1. Hopes for Ebola drug as US patients show signs of recovery

The deadly virus Ebola has now been exposed to the US, but the drug ZMapp shows early success signs as both patients seem to be fighting the disease.

2. Aspirin: Scientists believe cancer prevention benefits outweigh harms

New research shows taking aspirin for 10 years could cut bowel cancer cases by around 35% and deaths by 40%. Rates of esophageal and stomach cancers were cut by 30% and deaths from these cancers by 35-50%.

3. What Do Device Makers Look for in Clinical Outsourcing Partners?

As major medical device makers expand into emerging markets, they are expecting an increase in clinical trials. This article reveals common strategies and expectations around the contract research organizations [CROs] they work with.