Looking back on the week that was, here are some of the headlines we were talking about: A PM’s perspective on functional outsourcing, gender bias in clinical trials, and a new heart monitor.

functional outsourcing1.  Functional Outsourcing in the Pharmaceutical Industry – a Project Management Perspective  A great article about functional outsourcing from a project manager’s point of view.

2.  NIH Implements New Policies to Address Gender Bias in Biomedical Research  The National Institute of Health, the US agency involved in medical research, said that it plans to distribute $10.1 million in grant money to 82 scientists to help decrease gender bias in clinical research.

3.  For Heart Monitor Implant, Medtronic Thinks Very Small  Medtronic’s new heart monitor is about the size of a paper clip.  The micro device is smaller and easier-to-use, does not require surgery and operates without wires that old heart monitors have.