This Week We’re Talking About: Big Data, Diversity, and WAK

A busy week in clinical research but we think you’ll enjoy these 3 intriguing articles! 1.  FDA Greenlights First Human Study of Wearable Artificial Kidney  The FDA recently gave the green light to medical researchers to begin the first human study of the device in the United States. WAK, a small dialysis machine that is worn like a belt and […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Data, Contrave, and Arthritis

Hot topics this week include clinical trial data, the new weight management drug Contrave, and good news for those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis! 1.  NICE to Seek Greater Access to Clinical Trial Data  NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) will ask the European regulatory authorities for access to clinical trial data if relevant […]

This Week We’re Talking About: Amino Acid, FDA, and EU Clinical Trials

 A new Amino Acid, the FDA and New Regulations in Europe are our main topics of discussion this week! 1.  A New Synthetic Amino Acid for an Emerging Class of Drugs  A synthetic amino acid has been developed that can impact the 3D structure of bioactive peptides and enhance their potency. 2.  FDA Fast-Tracks Merck & Co Antibiotic  Relebactam, […]