Happy New Year!  See below for what we find intriguing this first week of 2014.

1.  Bleak 2013 for NDAs?  Pipeline issues across the industry will continue to dominate for both Sponsors and CROs.  Hard to predict what will happen next, but 2013 saw a sharp plunge in NDAs…

2.  Every cell has a sex  Yes, this caught our attention for obvious reasons! But, as personalized medicine starts with personalized research, this should be an issue to keep in mind for future trials.

3.  Large Vendor Going Public  Interesting – a CRO/Life Science vendor looking to go public.  Could this be a reversal of the trend of large CROs getting off stock exchanges?  We think not, but maybe a result of improving economy and renewed interest in Life Science partner.

4.  What a Buzz Kill…  Alcohol-addicted rats are treated with optogenetics to stop drinking. Researchers at the University at Buffalo have found a way to alter alcohol drinking in rodents that mimics human binge drinking behavior.  Wonder if they have a hangover?