artificial bloodThat artificial blood we discussed last week is on its way to Clinical Trials! Other hot topics this week include a national, clinical research network of electronic health records, the effect a Father’s age has on his children’s health risks and great news for wine drinkers!

1. Artificial blood derived from stem cells is heading to clinical trials! It is estimated that the first clinical trials involving the new artificial blood will begin in late 2016 or early 2017. If researchers can successfully negotiate these trials it could very well become a cornerstone of medical science.

2. The largest national, clinical research network of electronic health records is being created by researchers. The proposed patient record network is being called the “holy grail” of health care research.

3. Swedish Studies show that men 45 years or older father children with a heightened risk of developing a range of conditions, from autism to addiction.

4. Great news for wine drinkers!  Not only does an occasional glass of wine help your kidneys, research finds it can also help your heart.