A busy week in clinical research but we think you’ll enjoy these 3 intriguing articles!

1.  FDA Greenlights First Human Study of Wearable Artificial Kidney  The FDA recently gave the green light to medical researchers to begin the first human study of the device in the United States. WAK, a small dialysis machine that is worn like a belt and connects to a patient through a catheter.

2.  Doctors, Data, and Drug Development  Applying big data procedures could possibly produce up to $100 billion in value every year over the US health care systems.  This can be done  by improving development and enhancing the efficiency of research and clinical trials.

3.  Using Diversity as a Study Metric in CTMS  We continue our discussion on diversity in clinical trials with part 3  (click here for Part 1 and Part 2) of this ongoing series.  In this article, we examine how Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) can assist in helping to monitor diversity in clinical trials.