diabetes weight managementAfter 2 very successful weeks on the West Coast, we now have time to focus on our Hot Topics. In anticipation of our next article in the Clinical Trials Diversity series, we’ve found a few articles we think you should read.

1. Would you want to know if you’re likely to get Alzheimer’s disease?  There is a new drug that may treat Alzheimer’s, but the huge drug trials may be especially difficult to recruit, in part because of a simple fact about the illness: Those who have, or are likely to get, Alzheimer’s disease may not want to know it. This is followed up by a letter emphasizing the need for African American participants.

2. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Duke University collaborate on clinical trial transparency.  Bristol Myers Squibb is taking initiatives to disclose clinical trial information and support data sharing.

3. Diabetes drug appears to work for weight management…  The Diabetes drug Liraglutide is delivering great results for nondiabetic obese and overweight people.  Not only do they lose more weight, they are more likely to reverse prediabetes and are slower to develop type 2 diabetes.