elderly clinical trialsNot to “toot our own horn”, but our much anticipated blog article, leads our list of hot topics this week!  It is the 2nd in our series of articles examining critical issues concerning clinical trial participation and discusses the need for seniors in clinical trials.

1. Lack of Elderly Participation in Clinical Trials  The 2nd article of an ongoing series, this article discusses the lack of elderly participation in clinical trials , the importance of elderly participation, and possible geriatric exclusivity.

2. Working in an Electronic World – How to Make a Smooth Transition to an eTMF  After studying the latest research, this article offers expert advice on how to transition successfully when adopting an eTMF.

3. Industry shift to risk-based monitoring will change roles of CRAs, experts say. As CROs and sponsors look to use risk-based monitoring more for clinical trials, the role of clinical research associates (CRAs) will shift dramatically, experts said Wednesday.