Topping our list of hot topics this week:  Daylight savings time and its relation to cardiac arrest, first comprehensive atlas of human gene activity released, and 40 medicines for Parkinson’s!

1.  Researchers say a recent study suggests rolling the clocks forward may cause more than sleep disruption; some individuals may be at a greater risk of cardiac arrest. The study also suggests the percentage of heart attacks decrease in the fall when the time falls back.

2.  The first comprehensive, detailed map of the way genes work across the major cells and tissues of the human body has been produced.  A  new technology called Cap Analysis of Gene Expression (CAGE) was used to study human and mouse cells, discovering how 95% of all human genes are switched on and off.

3.  Approximately 1.5 million Americans live with Parkinson’s Disease daily.  Fortunately, there are nearly 40 new medicines in development offering great hope for those who are suffering!